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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Soccer has always been a passion of mines since I was almost five. My dad started me up at a young age because he thinks that kids should have a sport or activity to do at a young age. I at first didn't have very good disapline and since my mom coached I never listened. But when my dad came back from work he started being my coach. Then I started to listen since I would get slaps if I never. I did AYSO, HYSA, and played for club teams. Ever since I was little my dad has been my coach up until I was 13. I never liked listening to other coaches and gave very little respect because I was taught by my dad and only him or my sister. I didn't really give my dad respect at time either. I finally accepted my coach for my last year of AYSO coach John. Other assistant coach mine as well saved their breath. The club teams I played for where Kahikili, and Leahi. To me the BEST team for any girl would be LEAHI that was a team you could go places with. But I quit because one of the coaches jsut really pissed me off and my parents and other parent to. The head coach though is coach Bud, who really liked my sister, said she could easily go places and she could. Coach Bud is also the head coach for not only LEahi but, Kamehameha Schools girl's soccer team and HPU girls soccer team. So it was good having her like you, but I left Leahi the training was crazy but also the games and where they were was a big hassel for my parents. So I stuck to AYSO and an occasianl HYSA look. I was prepeing myself for High School soccer you impress scouts there you'll make it big. But I enjoyed my time just doing soccer for fun but when it was my year before high school sooccer I had to get serious. My high school year went pretty good, I pissed off my sister when she found out I never like go on Varsity because I didn't want to fo the 2:40's they did. Plus I got more playing time on the position I liked also the one I didn't but I guess my coach thought I was like my older sister. I sprained my ankels just like always about a coupe times just decided to tape em and it worked. My ending game the GAME I was looking forward too. I got to see one of my close friends Pono and better yet be playing aginst her. sadly though we didn't just lose I also tore my ACL. Had to be taken out before the game was even over. So now I'm going to be on the side line for a year for Castle vl=olleyball and soccer, Jr. year I'll be back.


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Hey jessie wow u write a lot on ur blogs good job.