Tuesday, April 28, 2009


This school year was a crazy one I must say it had alot of UP's and DOWN'S. The school had changed projext work, but for the WORSE I must say too much damn steps for a stupid project request. But also the extra MANDATORY activities on Fridays, long days on Wednesdays, shot days on Friday. Just all topsy turby around here now. Credit is harder to get this year since our hours are "cut" shorter. Everyone is scrambling to get stuff done post-evals, scavenging for extra credit, see what can be done to get as little credit as possible in such short time. I'm experiencing the rush now. Finding out how much credit I'm going to need to pass is killing me. Having Mr. Bright say not all the credit has been added on yet, isn't a really good relief. or hearing people trying to say it's ok when their not worried because they already met their 10 credits. I missed alot of school becuase of being inand out of Dr appointents and recovering from surgery but I can't blame it all on that cause I didn't really do alot during the winter break and Spring break and even during school. But the RUSH is on. I'm seeing alot of people looking and asking what they can do to get credit, and I'm one of them. Im currently trying to finsih a never ending project which hopefully I get 1.05 credit and also am trying to qucikly but also get some good hours in on a reading project. And hopefully I get full credit from this class even though I've only been to I think 2 in a half classes. Hopefully i can get what I need to pass.