Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Soccer has always been a passion of mines since I was almost five. My dad started me up at a young age because he thinks that kids should have a sport or activity to do at a young age. I at first didn't have very good disapline and since my mom coached I never listened. But when my dad came back from work he started being my coach. Then I started to listen since I would get slaps if I never. I did AYSO, HYSA, and played for club teams. Ever since I was little my dad has been my coach up until I was 13. I never liked listening to other coaches and gave very little respect because I was taught by my dad and only him or my sister. I didn't really give my dad respect at time either. I finally accepted my coach for my last year of AYSO coach John. Other assistant coach mine as well saved their breath. The club teams I played for where Kahikili, and Leahi. To me the BEST team for any girl would be LEAHI that was a team you could go places with. But I quit because one of the coaches jsut really pissed me off and my parents and other parent to. The head coach though is coach Bud, who really liked my sister, said she could easily go places and she could. Coach Bud is also the head coach for not only LEahi but, Kamehameha Schools girl's soccer team and HPU girls soccer team. So it was good having her like you, but I left Leahi the training was crazy but also the games and where they were was a big hassel for my parents. So I stuck to AYSO and an occasianl HYSA look. I was prepeing myself for High School soccer you impress scouts there you'll make it big. But I enjoyed my time just doing soccer for fun but when it was my year before high school sooccer I had to get serious. My high school year went pretty good, I pissed off my sister when she found out I never like go on Varsity because I didn't want to fo the 2:40's they did. Plus I got more playing time on the position I liked also the one I didn't but I guess my coach thought I was like my older sister. I sprained my ankels just like always about a coupe times just decided to tape em and it worked. My ending game the GAME I was looking forward too. I got to see one of my close friends Pono and better yet be playing aginst her. sadly though we didn't just lose I also tore my ACL. Had to be taken out before the game was even over. So now I'm going to be on the side line for a year for Castle vl=olleyball and soccer, Jr. year I'll be back.


This school year was a crazy one I must say it had alot of UP's and DOWN'S. The school had changed projext work, but for the WORSE I must say too much damn steps for a stupid project request. But also the extra MANDATORY activities on Fridays, long days on Wednesdays, shot days on Friday. Just all topsy turby around here now. Credit is harder to get this year since our hours are "cut" shorter. Everyone is scrambling to get stuff done post-evals, scavenging for extra credit, see what can be done to get as little credit as possible in such short time. I'm experiencing the rush now. Finding out how much credit I'm going to need to pass is killing me. Having Mr. Bright say not all the credit has been added on yet, isn't a really good relief. or hearing people trying to say it's ok when their not worried because they already met their 10 credits. I missed alot of school becuase of being inand out of Dr appointents and recovering from surgery but I can't blame it all on that cause I didn't really do alot during the winter break and Spring break and even during school. But the RUSH is on. I'm seeing alot of people looking and asking what they can do to get credit, and I'm one of them. Im currently trying to finsih a never ending project which hopefully I get 1.05 credit and also am trying to qucikly but also get some good hours in on a reading project. And hopefully I get full credit from this class even though I've only been to I think 2 in a half classes. Hopefully i can get what I need to pass.

Monday, April 27, 2009

Shadow's TALE

Shadow was the "PERFECT" dog ever. He was loyal, trained, well behaved, bestfriend material. He was a big part of my faimly. I had him ever since I was in pre-school, he was my first doggie. We got him at the humane society or Pound. There were no puppies that day and so my dad and sister looked at the older dogs while I looked at the bunnies. In the end my dad got shadow becuase, he was the only youngest looking dog there. The Pound said that he was just found a couple days earlier wondering the highway, and was still a pup about a year old. It was a good thing my dad chose him right then and there because, this other guy was looking at him too, but we got to him first. I was in the car when they brought him out he looked so eager and happy he jumped right into the car and we where off. He was enourmus compared to me. I remembered when I just went right up to him and he knocked me down. When we moved I was so scared Shadow would stay behind but, my parents said he was comming with us, and he did. He grew even more, I thought he was pau growing but I guess I was wrong. At our second house shadown had a good size yard and a pond he secretly jumped in. There were rats so he had a job when we weren't around. But my dad never aloud him to get ahold oh them, rats had diseases and Shadown was too valueable to loose or even get sick. Shadow loved any ball, but his favorite one was tennis balls he'd go speeding after them. He suprised me because he never really did bad things besides kill my bunnies and little pets. We moved again but this time back to Kahaluu and wh had over an acre of land and my dad built another pond, but this time it was my turn to pick out another dog. The Pound this time had puppies there were only girls and I didnt want a girl dog. But I looked in the iglue house and there was a sleeping boy puppy. I got him and named him Thunder, when we brought him home that was Shadown new friend more like brother they were BFF. He was a great dane mix and he was a handful complete opposite of Shadow but Shadow still loved him. Both of them were inseperable, so cute. They grew up together, Shadow over the years was so PERFECT, but I could see he was getting older and I didn't like it. One day I knew he'd die but always thought nah he got a good couple of more years. After my dad took the dog to live at is house in Mililani I barely ever saw them. I missed having them around because, dogs are much more loving and obedient than a cat could ever be. When I was in seventh grade and I went to my dads house more offten I saw both my puppies Shadow was still black as ever not a hint of gray even for his age. But he couldn't really play fetch that long and soon he couldn't play fetch at all just laid there chewing on his ball, and follow you around. Thunder on the other had was as crazy as ever. But I gave Shadow more attention cause I felt he time was nearing and needed as much love as possible. Soon Shadpw became slower and developed fat lumps on his body but they didn't bother him.. It always killed me to see him like that but, he was happy so I just tried to make the best of of it. Then during spring break 09 Shadow had to go to the vet but, in the end we didn't put him down we put him on medication. I was real happy about that. But about maybe a couple of weeks after on April 6 I get home and then a call saying that I'm going to the vet to put him down for sure I get ready, and the ride there I just kept looking at him. Thinking how he looks so happy and not even know that he's going to be put down. The wait wasn't long we were put straight into a private room told what was going to happen and then given as much time as we liked to say goodbye. I started crying and took as much pictures as I could so I could have memories. When it was time he first was put to sleep and then the tube was cleared for the last shot. I felt like ripping it out of his arm because I wasn't ready for a goodbye it seemed like he was doing fine at the vet. But my dad said your not there to see him when he cries or cant walk and doesn't eat and it was true. When it was over I wished it never happened. I fixed his head so it looked like he was just sleeping, also his lips because I guess his teeth were on them and I kissed his head and left the room. My dad had him cremated because, I didnt want to think of him rotting in the ground in a yard that might be owned by someone else. Thunder earlier knew something was up because, he started crying when they put Shadow in for his last car ride. It was hard for Thunder he started to stop eatting, but my dad got one fo his other dogs back so Thunder has a girlfriend now to keep him company. So I have his ashes in my room with his pictures from all the stuff and events that happened.

Friday, April 24, 2009

ACL Surgery

On April 8 I had my ACL surgery, I was dreading this day for over a month. I tore my ACL at my last soccer game of the season. When I found out I had to have surgery, and there was no other option I "FLIPPED." Surgery was a last option, my parents said, but it seemed like it was the ONLY option. At first my first MRI showed I only had a slight tear, and a banged up minesus, but taking another one it showed a complete tear. I had to meet up with more than two different surgons the one at Kiaser said I didnt need to have surgery I could try wearing a sports brace, but that wasn't an option for my parent. The Kaiser doctor also said he wasn't going to do the surgery if I didn't want to. So it was a NO for the Kaiser doctor. Then we went to Tripler and right from the get go my parents decided there was where I'd get my surgery. They first tested my knew by bending and twisting my foot to see if there was any pain in my knee there was only little. But when her moved my whole left leg at an angle, it looked like my knee wasn't attached to my leg, they did it to my right leg to and thought at first there was another tear in the right one becuse how far it could go out. After a debate between two tripler surgons they said "yes she needs surgery." For the next couple of months I was in and out of the hospital, having to leave school early. Aunty Helen saying "why you leaving so much." It was a big hassel because, I knew all this time I was taking off and all the days I'd miss after surgery will take a toll on my credits. I had to go through, PT (physical therapy), check up, pre up, scheduling when to meet up with certain doctors who will be in the surgery room. All this dumb stuff, I had insane appointment times, like 6 in the morning to 9 at night. I hated how I'd have to get up just to stnd there and be there even though I didn't need to say or do anything. I tried as much as I could to go out as much as possible and go to the beach or walk around because I knew it would be along time till I could do anything of those things, plus summer would be comming soon so I know I'd be missing out on alot. Finally the BIG day was here I had to get up at aroud 4:30 AM becuase I had to get ready and all that fun stuff, I was going to be the first surgery of the day. I hated the fact that I was going to have to wait because, I much rather have liked to get in and immedatly go straight into surgery not waiting and have to think about how it's gonna be. I got lots of messages and tests because I told my friends to call and leave a BIG message saying they love me and how their gonna miss me and visit. When they put the IV in I didn't want to mive my arm for fear the needle would go in futher. I also after awhile had to pee so i made my mom take me into the bathroom and she had to stay inside till I was done. I started playing with the IV, like pulling the bag lowering so that blood would come out of the needle and mix in the tbe with the IV water. It was time for me to be given my first shot of medicine to make me sleeping in less tha 30 seconds. At first I couldn't feel anything and than my head had no control and it went limp, then it felt as if the room was spinning I started to laugh for no reason when they wheeled me into the surgery room. Then they moved me onto a cold and hard table which was the operating table. My mom stayed in the operating room through out the whole surgery, I was given the sleepy mask thing and I was out before the surgon said to count backwards. I was woken up in a different room with my mom holding my hand and soe other nurse to and a guy waking me up I tried beding my knee but it wasn't working. I was so uncomfortable and tired I was pissed he woke me up and said we need to see if you can eat so he gave me a popsicle which I ate at first than dropped o myself and went back to sleep. I woke up in post op room with other people in bed I ae a cracker and dank water than crashed again. I told my dad I had to pee real bad and he said we'll wait for the nurse to come back and your mom I waited which felt like forever but I couldn't hold it no more so I started getting up and I told my dad I have to pee now with my heavely bangaed and braced leg I put myself in the wheel chair right when I did my mom came back and she went with me to the bathroom. It was such a hassel becuase the bathroom was small and i couldn't bend my leg or put weight on it. After I changed in the bathroom it was time for me to go home. They didn't hav any wheelchairs with a leg thing so my dad had to lift my leg all the way down what a @#$*!# hassel. When we were outside waiting for my mom I thought I was gonna barf, even when we got to the stairs I had to puke again. Throughout the day I was getting texts and voicemails but I was too tired to answer them. Later in the day my chest, back and mouth was so sore. It was like that for the next two days. It was like that because of the tube that was in my mouth. It was so hard to eat and breath and laugh or move I felt like I was in hell. But my friends and boyfriend came over to keep me company. I got alot of had hand cards that made me happy. Cute camp pictures and stuff they wrote. Over all the surgery wasn't that bad but I woulnt want to ven to it again.

Friday, March 13, 2009